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This site ( is the website of Fukuoka University Library. Please read and accept the following site policies before using the site.

On Copyrights

The copyright of the Fukuoka University Library Website is the property of Fukuoka University Library unless specified otherwise.

On Copying Data

The copyright of original information such as publications and electronic journals published on campus and excerpts of secondary information databases provided on the Fukuoka University Library Website belong to the individual copyright holders or authorities.

Copying data provided by Fukuoka University Library (printing from PC, downloading, saving in USB memory sticks, etc.) is strictly limited to activities for research/investigation, education, and/or studying purposes.

Please observe the following when using data provided by Fukuoka University Library.

Fukuoka University Library shall not be held liable for any results of using data provided by Fukuoka University Library.

About Links

You are free to link to pages of Fukuoka University Library that can be traced from the top page of Fukuoka University Library (; no conditions for linking to the pages are specified. There is no need to notify us specifically thereof.

On Personal Information

Personal information we acquire via the Fukuoka University Library Website will never be used for any other purposes than stated.

When Using this Website

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Using Google Analytics

To better understand how the Fukuoka University Library Website is being used and to improve website content, the Library collects and analyzes access logs using Google Analytics.
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Recommended Browsing Environment

In order to use the website comfortably, we recommend the following browsing environments.

Recommended browsers

  • Internet Explorer 8 or newer
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