For Students

How to use the library

Procedures for using the library

A library card is required to use the library. Students can use their student ID as library card.


Changes in hours and temporary closings will be announced on bulletin boards, the library website, etc.

When entering/exiting the library

The entrance and exit are located on the second floor of Medical Information Center.
The library has a book detection system installed. An alarm will sound if you carry out any materials without going through the proper lending procedure. If the system is activated, please follow the instructions of the library staff.

When using the library

  • Please observe the library rules when using library facilities, equipment, and materials.
  • Please place materials on the return cart after use.
  • Please do not leave your belongings unattended at the desk in the library.
  • Please refrain from eating, drinking, whispering, chatting, or using mobile phones outside the designated areas.
  • You may not eat in the library.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the University Hospital and Faculty of Medicine areas.

Please note that there is a “Refreshment Room” on the 3rd floor of the Faculty of Medicine. You may drink beverages and use mobile phones in the Refreshment Room. You may not, however, eat in this area. Furthermore, you may not bring in and/or study materials from the library.

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Available services

Viewing/Copying Materials

You are free to read the materials on the periodical floor (2nd) and book floor (3rd).
If you want to read materials in the storage shelves (1st floor), search for them using the OPAC search page (linked to the OPAC) and apply to the counter. The room is closed on 12:00 and onward on Saturdays, and on Sundays and national holidays.
Library materials may be copied (for a fee) for education, research, and survey purposes only. Copying must be in accordance with copyright laws. When making copies, be sure to fill out the ""Literature Copy Application Form"" provided and submit it at the counter. Only library materials can be copied in the library. The copy fee is 10 yen per black and white copy and 50 yen per color copy.



Bring the materials you want to borrow to the counter together with your student/staff ID and follow the borrowing procedure.

Maximum number of books and lending period

  Maximum number of books Lending period
Undergraduate students/
graduate students
5 books
(books and periodicals)
7 days
(one day for newly arrived periodicals)

Note: We lend books for extended periods of time during long vacations.
The details will be notified via bulletin boards, the library website, etc.

Materials not available for lending

We do not allow the following materials to be taken outside the library. For use within the Library

  • Rare books
  • Books marked as in-library use only
  • Newspapers
  • Specially designated materials


Make sure to return all the materials you borrow by the due date. Books may be returned at any counter of the Central Library, Medical Library and the Annex of each Faculty.
If you do not return the materials by the due date, borrowing will be suspended for the number of overdue days.


If materials you want to borrow are out on loan, you can order them via the OPAC Search page. In addition, you can order periodicals you want to borrow between the following libraries (and branches).
Please enter your Fukuoka University ID for the Fukuoka University Authorization System and fill out an application.

Audio-Visual Materials

Audio-visual materials are kept in the Audio-Visual Room on the 4th floor of the Medical Information Center. Make application at the audio-visual material room counter and use them on the 4th floor. The room is closed on 16:30 and onward on Saturdays, and on Sundays and national holidays.

Rare Books

Our collection houses rare Western, Japanese, and Chinese books from the 18th century and earlier.In order to read these rare books, you must fill out an application in advance.

Reference Service

The library provides a reference service to support users with any questions they may have while using the library and branches.
Please do not hesitate to inquire library staff if you have any questions about how to search and obtain materials. The ASK Service of the Library Website is also available to answer these questions.

ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Service

If you need periodicals and/or books that the Fukuoka University Library does not have in its collection, you can apply to order such materials from within Japan or abroad.The ILL (Interlibrary Loan) Service is available for a fee.

Book Purchase Request

If you need materials that the library does not have in its collection, you can make a request for their purchase at the counter.
Please make sure to confirm whether copies are already available by using the OPAC Search before placing a request.
Enter required information including book name on the book purchase request (order) and apply to the counter.

Application for referral to use other university libraries

In some cases you may need a referral to visit libraries of other universities and use their materials.
Make sure to visit the website of the university library you wish to visit in advance to confirm their policy regarding use of the library.
In order to receive a referral, you must specify the materials you intend to use. Please also make sure to confirm that the materials are not already in the collection of the Fukuoka University Library via the OPAC Search. Specify your desired date (period) for the visit as well.
Since a referral cannot be issued on the spot, please submit your application at least one week before the date you wish to receive the referral.

When using the library rooms

Please see this page for details on using the rooms of the Central Library.

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