Remote Access

The Remote Access Service allows users to access e-resources to which Fukuoka University subscribes via any off-campus computer.

How to use

  • You need your Unified Authentication ID( Fukudai ID)to use this service.
  • After the log in, there are e-resources lists.
  • You can only access those e-resources for which access from outside the campus is permitted according to the contract.
  • If one of the following applies, you have been disconnected from your remote access area (i.e., you no longer have access to the service). Please log in again from the webpage.
    • You closed your browser window.
    • The URL no longer says "" (This may happen if you repeatedly access other e-resources or external links, regardless of whether remote access is permitted.)


  • The Remote Access service is restricted to Fukuoka University undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and staff. It is prohibited to lend or give your ID to others.
  • We expects your proper use of e-resources.
  • With illegal use, the publishers may suspend the whole services available for Fukuoka University Library. Please note that if you use e-resources improperly, there is a possibility that you will be claimed for its compensation.

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