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Site Policy

This (https://www.lib.fukuoka-u.ac.jp/) is the website of Fukuoka University Library.
Please use the website after confirming and accepting the below information.


Unless specifically noted, the copyrights for the websites provided by Fukuoka University Library belong to Fukuoka University Library.

Data Reproduction

Copyrights to text information such as Fukuoka University publications and electronic journals, and abstracts on secondary information databases provided on the Fukuoka University Library website belong to their respective authors or preparing organizations.

Reproduction (printing from personal computers, downloading, saving to media such as USB drives, etc.) of data provided by Fukuoka University Library is permitted only for investigation/research, education, or learning purposes.

When using data provided by Fukuoka University Library, please observe the below points.

  • When quoting data, make clear the author and the source of the information.
  • Do not modify the title and content of the data.
  • Observe other provisions of the Copyright Act as well.

Sites related to copyright

Agency for Cultural Affairs
Copyright Research and Information Center

Fukuoka University Library bears no responsibility for the usage results of data provided by Fukuoka University Library.


Users are free to paste links to Fukuoka University Library pages which can be traced from the top page of the Fukuoka University Library website (https://www.lib.fukuoka-u.ac.jp/), and for which no special conditions regarding linking are disclosed. It is not necessary to contact us for this purpose.

When Using the Website

Usage in printed media, digital media such as CD-ROMs, videos, broadcasts, etc. without notice is prohibited. As certain procedures are required in advance when such usage is desired, be sure to contact Fukuoka University Library.

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Privacy Policy

Personal Information

Personal information obtained through the Fukuoka University Library website is appropriately handled based on the "Incorporated Educational Institution Fukuoka University Personal Information Protection Regulations."

Personal Information Protection (Fukuoka University Official Website: Japanese)

Usage of Google Analytics

The Fukuoka University Library website uses Google Analytics to collect and analyze access logs in order to understand site usage and improve content.
Google Analytics uses cookies to collect traffic data without identifying individuals. The data that has been collected is managed based on Google's Privacy Policy. See the website below for details on Google Analytics and information about Google's Privacy Policy.

Google Analytics Official Website
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Privacy Policy

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