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  • For Graduates (Yushinkai) and Parents of Current Students (Parents' Association)

For Graduates (Yushinkai) and Parents of Current Students (Parents' Association)

Fukuoka University graduates (of undergraduate programs and graduate schools) and parents of Fukuoka University students (Parents' Association) can have a library usage permit (hereinafter, "FUL CARD") issued, enabling usage of the Central Library, the Faculty of Science Library, the Faculty of Engineering Library, the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences Library, and the Faculty of Sports and Health Science Library.
Please note that cars cannot be driven onto campus when visiting a library, so we ask that you use public transportation.

* Graduates of the Faculty of Medicine and the School of Nursing, and parents of Faculty of Medicine students should conduct procedures at the Medical Library.
 For Faculty of Medicine Graduates (Yushinkai)
 For Parents of Faculty of Medicine Students

Information for Library Usage
Available Services
When Using the Libraries

Information for Library Usage

Procedures for Usage

Please bring a form of personal identification which contains your name and current address (an official document such as a driver's license or a health insurance card) and visit the Central Library 1F Information Counter. A FUL CARD will be issued.
Please note we also accept FUL CARD applications via postal mail and email attachments.
In the case of applying by postal mail or email, we will ask you to present a form of identification when receiving the FUL CARD.
* It takes time to issue a FUL CARD. We ask for your understanding in advance.

Fukuoka University Library Usage Application (Application Forms) (Japanese)

Reception Hours

Issuance, Renewal, and Reissuance of FUL Card

  • Weekdays (Monday to Friday): Until one hour before closing.
    * On Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays, we only accept applications.

FUL CARD Validity Period

Graduates (Yushinkai) End of the academic year in which the card was issued (March 31)
(When a new academic year begins, you will need to renew even if you have had your FUL CARD for less than a year.)
Parents of Undergraduates (Parents' Association) During membership period of Parents' Association
* In the case of leaving the Parents' Association, the FUL CARD will become invalid, even in the midst of an academic year.
* After your child graduates, usage as a "Visitor (General)" will be possible.

Renewal/Reissuance of FUL CARD

Renewal of FUL CARD

For renewal procedures, you will need your FUL CARD and a form of personal identification. Please note that your FUL CARD cannot be renewed during an academic year.

Reissuance of FUL CARD

In the case of losing your FUL CARD, you will need to conduct reissuing procedures. Please bring a form of personal identification and conduct the procedures. Please note that the FUL CARD can only be reissued a certain number of times within the same academic year, so be careful not to lose your FUL CARD.


For days and hours of operation for the Central Library, the Medical Library, and the faculty libraries (Science, Engineering, Pharmaceutical Sciences, and Sports and Health Science), please check the schedule.
Information regarding changes in hours and temporary closures is provided via displays, on the Fukuoka University Library website, etc.



The Central Library has a building entrance/exit gate. Please scan your FUL CARD at the gate before entering.
Please also exit by following the same procedure as when entering.
A book detection system (unauthorized take-out prevention device) is installed at each library. When materials are taken without following the borrowing procedure, an alarm will sound. When the device has been activated, please following the instructions of the library staff.

Available Services

Reading/Reproducing (Copying) Materials

Materials on the shelves are freely available in the reading room. Please place materials used in the reading room on the designated return table and do not return them to the stacks.
For materials with the location "Central Library ASRS (Japanese)" displayed in OPAC, please click the "Available" button from a PC in the Central Library or a faculty library, write the displayed "Applying No." in the "ASRS Reception Number Form," and submit the form to the Central Library 2F Main Counter.
For materials with the location "Central Oversized Books Stacks (1)," "Central Oversized Books Stacks (2)," "Central Microform Material Stacks," "Central2F Main Counter," "Central Special Needs Support Room (201)," or "Central Special Needs Support Room (202)" displayed in OPAC, please conduct procedures at the Central Library 2F Main Counter.
Library materials can be reproduced, but only for the purposes of education, research, and/or investigation (fees apply). Please use the materials within the scope of their respective copyrights. When making reproductions, please fill out the necessary fields in the "Document Reproduction Application" provided, and submit the application at the counter. Only library materials can be reproduced in the libraries. The copying fee is 10 yen per page for black and white prints, and 50 yen per page for color prints.



At the faculty libraries, please place your FUL CARD on the materials you wish to borrow, and conduct borrowing procedures at the counter.
At the Central Library, please use the automated checkout machines. For materials that cannot be borrowed with the automatic checkout machines, please make a request at the counter. Please note that materials may have differing borrowing periods, and that some materials are not available for borrowing.

Item Limit and Duration for Borrowing

  • Item Limit: 5 Items
  • Duration: 1 Month

Materials Not Available for Borrowing

The below materials cannot be lent for use outside of the libraries. Please use them in the libraries.

  • Rare Books
  • Books (In-Library Use Only)
  • Periodicals
  • Newspapers
  • Audio-Visual Materials
  • Microform Materials
  • Academic Dissertations
  • Specially Designated Materials


Please be sure to return materials you have borrowed by the return deadline. Materials can be returned at any counter at the Central Library, the Medical Library, and the faculty libraries.
In the case of failing to return materials within the return deadline, lending will be suspended for the number of days exceeding the deadline.

When Using the Libraries

  • Please follow usage regulations when using library facilities, equipment, materials, etc.
  • Please do not leave your belongings in the libraries when stepping away from your seat.
  • Food cannot be consumed in the libraries. However, only light meals may be consumed in the snack area in front of the Multipurpose Hall on the first floor of the Central Library.
  • As for beverages, beverages in sealed containers such as plastic bottles or water bottles may be consumed in the Central Library only at the reading tables, except in areas where library materials and precision equipment are located.
  • For cell phone calls in the Central Library, please use the "Refreshment Corner" on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors.
  • Smoking is not allowed on the university grounds.
Contact Information for Inquiries

[Central Library] User Services Section (Ext. 2732) E-mail:

  • Fukuoka University Library

    8-19-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku Fukuoka 814-0180, JAPAN
    Phone: +81-92-871-6631 / Fax: +81-92-865-3794

  • Medical Library

    7-45-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku Fukuoka 814-0180, JAPAN
    Phone: +81-92-801-1011 / Fax: +81-92-862-6930