Remote Access

What is Remote Access?

Remote Access is a service that allows you to use electronic resources subscribed to by Fukuoka University from outside of the university, including at your home and on the go.

How to Use

  • To use Remote Access, you will need your "Fukudai ID" from the "Fukuoka University Authentication Platform System." Please click on the following link for the imformation regarding "Fukudai ID."
    Authentication Platform (Fukudai ID Management) System (Fukuoka University Information Technology Center)
  • Scroll down after you logged in. You can search available databases from "Remote Access."
  • Due to contractual limitations, only electronic resources which permit external access are available for Remote Access.
  • In the following cases, you will be disconnected from Remote Access (unable to receive the service). In such cases, please log in again from this page.
    • When you close your browser while using the service.
    • When "" is no longer included in the URL (regardless of whether the destination is available with Remote Access, this may occur when accessing a different electronic resource or an external site by following several links).

Notes Regarding Usage

  • Only Fukuoka University members are able to use this service. Moreover, lending or transferring your "Fukudai ID" to others is prohibited.
  • Please use the electronic resources in an appropriate manner, and read "Notes Regarding Usage of Electronic Resources" before use.
    Notes Regarding Usage of Electronic Resources
  • Illicit usage of the service may lead to university-wide usage suspensions. Please note that in the case of a violation, the user may be individually requested to take responsibility.

Contact Information for Inquiries

[Central Library] Periodicals and Electronic Resources Section (Ext. 2722) E-mail:

[Medical Library] Periodicals and Electronic Resources Section (Ext. 3053) E-mail:

  • Fukuoka University Library

    8-19-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku Fukuoka 814-0180, JAPAN
    Phone: +81-92-871-6631 / Fax: +81-92-865-3794

  • Medical Library

    7-45-1 Nanakuma, Jonan-ku Fukuoka 814-0180, JAPAN
    Phone: +81-92-801-1011 / Fax: +81-92-862-6930