Notes Regarding Usage of Electronic Resources

When using databases, electronic journals, and electronic books (hereinafter called "electronic resources"), please read the following precautions and use the services appropriately. If the services are used illicitly, penalties such as suspending the use of entire Fukuoka University or taking legal action may be brought by the relevant service provider. When any damages incurred by the university, the relevant service provider or the like, the library may request damage compensation from the illicit user, contact the faculty, etc. to which the illicit user belongs, or take appropriate measures.

Electronic Resource Copyrights

The copyrights to the electronic resources provided from the Fukuoka University Library website belong to their respective authors or service providers, and these rights are protected by the Copyright Act and international treaties.

Usage Qualifications

Usage is limited to individual members (students and employees) of Fukuoka University.

Scope of Usage

The services are limited to legitimate purposes related to the necessary scope of usage such as personal learning, research, etc.

Observance of Acceptable Use Policies

Users are obligated to observe the regulations and conditions of usage specified for each electronic resource. These are disclosed in the "Acceptable Use Policy," "Terms and Conditions," etc. of each website; be sure to confirm such content before using.

Prohibited Items

  1. Reproduction of data and redistribution to third parties.
  2. Revision, modification, translation, summarization, etc. of data, and creation of secondary copyrights.
  3. Deletion, modification, and obfuscation of copyright displays, authorship attribution, etc.
  4. Downloading a large volume of data.
    • Automatic/mechanical searching and downloading by search robots, automatic downloading software, pre-fetching software, etc.
    • Systematic/comprehensive downloading of specific electronic resources, such as downloading all articles from a journal issue at once.
    • Excessive downloading in a short time, regardless of whether it is manual or automatic.
Contact Information for Inquiries Regarding Databases

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